MDRA Charities and Community Support

Annually MDRA donates $125.00 to each of the three Fire Companies responsible
for the areas around and including the Higgs Farm property.

FisherHouseLogoThe motto of MDRA is Freedom to Fly. These three simple words have a profound meaning, and they put MDRA in a class of its own.  The freedoms we enjoy have been hard fought for since the inception of the United States of America. Our brave and selfless soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen defend and protect us by putting themselves in harm’s way. Many have paid the ultimate price, and many more have entered a second battle for their own lives due to injuries sustained on the battlefield.
The recovery process for these heroes is often long and challenging. Fisher House provides accommodations for the families of the wounded, so they can be close to the ones they love and can assist in their recuperation process.
Please join MDRA in supporting Fisher House, and help show our appreciation for the sacrifices of our military and their families.

Donations can be made online here and at the field.
Any amount is appreciated, and all proceeds will be given to Fisher House
on behalf of the members of MDRA.

In May 2011 MDRA donated 25 prepaid calling cards to US service men and women stationed in Afghanistan. MDRA member (and former board member) Dr. Michael McBurnett, a civilian contractor working in Afghanistan, acted as courier.

IDG Staff

The entire IDC staff. MSG Wewers is left, front row, kneeling. Mike McBurnett is far back row, left of center, wearing a white cap.