Centuries of farming has depleted much of the nutrients from the soil which is bad for crops . . . but great for grapes. Vineyards are now replacing Tobacco fields which have caused an uptick in local wineries. Each winery has it strengths and weaknesses. What makes a good wine? Any wine that you like makes it a good wine. The fun part of the quest for that favorite bottle, whether it is red, white, or in-between, is in the searching and sampling across the various vineyards. Be smart and sample responsibly or better yet, have a designated driver.
Beer breweries have also seen a resurgence in the area. We know more about distant galaxies and space travels then we know about the nuances of brewing beer. These brewers are experts at combining the various varieties of noble hops, selected barley grains and adjuncts, naturally filtered water, and just the right yeast strain, in order to truly create a work of art, the nectar of the gods.
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