Latest Status: 
04/05/2018 – Launch scrubbed for Saturday, April 7, 2018 due to predicted weather and field conditions
04/06/2018 – Launch Tower erected on the field
04/06/2018 – Planned Launch is Sunday, April 8, 2018, 01:00 PM

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Geoff Howard has his record breaking Mercury Redstone project nearing completion. The successful Q-Motor test was completed at ESL 236 and can be seen here. This project is expected to launch sometime during the weekend of April 7-8, 2018. This will be a restricted launch due to safety and field logistics. Please read the following very important notes:

      • MDRA is in control of this launch
      • MDRA controls the air space, there will be NO drones on unmanned flying objects during this launch
      • Everyone attends at their own risk
      • There will be no parking on ANY field
      • There will be no vehicle access down the driveway with the exception of those supporting the launch
      • Those that choose to park along the road do so at their own risk
      • There is no scheduled day or time of the launch (all timelines are approximate)
      • The launch will occur when expected recovery area is clear, when it is safe, and when weather permits
      • The launch can be scrubbed without notice
      • Safe distances must be maintained at all times
      • The launch will be broadcasted locally on 88.9 FM including various launch statuses
      • Launch status will also be provided by twitter

Road Kill Cafe will be open at the beginning of the driveway during the launch and serving Tommy’s fine delicacies

See Geoff Howard’s Mercury Redstone Project

Packed and ready to travel to the field
Turner With Capsule
Three Tubes Done
Skinning Recovery Section with Plate
Scale Study
Road Crew
Motor Retainer Ring
Motor on field for static test
Motor Assembly V1R2 up nozzle
James With Capsule