Joining MDRA is Simple (even a rocket “scientist ” can do it)

One can register here for free in order to keep up with Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association’s (MDRA) news and events.

You must be a member of MDRA to fly. You can join at the registration desk at one of the MDRA launches or you can join here. MDRA yearly membership dues are $40.00 per calendar year (January – December). Monthly flight fees are $10.00 with the exception of Red Glare where flight fees can be slightly higher. There are discounts for flight fees if purchased on a yearly basis.

  1. Create an account by completing the registration form hereĀ  or update your current profile here
  2. Complete the MDRA Waiver here, print it, sign it. and bring it to the next launch
  3. Add MDRA Membership to cart below (do not forget to checkout)

Please note: Registering for an account on the MDRA website is not the same as joining MDRA as a dues paying member. Also, if you pay via PayPal the treasurer will assume that the person paying for the dues is the person wishing to join MDRA. If this is not the case indicate in the notes section of the PayPal transaction who wishes to join.

2024 MDRA Membership Dues
2024 MDRA Membership Dues


Welcome fellow flyer. Use the “Contact Us” with any questions. Feel free to browse the MDRA Store here

* You don’t Need a PayPal account, a credit card will do fine, (Gray button says “pay with Debit or Credit Card”) were just using them to handle the transactions. Once you submit payment at PayPal using PayPal or credit card, you will be redirected to an order confirmation page for your records.