Unfortunately, no Red Glare for 2024.  The farmer has asked to have the fields back for nutrient management on March 1st. It is our understanding that this request stems from the requirement by the Maryland Department of Agriculture that restricts spreading manure and other nutrient sources from December 16, 2023 through February 29, 2024. Once the farmer starts spreading and incorporating manure on the field on or after March 1st, the fields become unusable for weeks. 

        • You must be a member to fly at MDRA launches.  Add your MDRA Dues to the cart here.
        • You must be a current member with TRA or NAR to fly high power rockets
        • There will be no Red Glare Banquet.
        • Red Glare flight fees are included in MDRA yearly flight fees which can be added to your cart here
    • (TBD) Purchase Red Glare raffle tickets to win prizes 
    • (TBD) Donate to the local MDRA Charities 
            • A signed MDRA Waiver must be on file.  MDRA waivers are here.
            • Become familiar with the MDRA Safety Code
        • If you plan to certify Level 1 or Level 2, fill out this form: here
        • If you are planning to fly above 6,000ft, or have a big or extreme project, then please let MDRA know here.
        • Want to take a sneak peak at some of the planned features flights for Red Glare, click here
        • Want to print Red Glare 2023 flight cards and fill them out now?  here. Must print duplex (front & back)
      • Follow MDRA on Twitter here
      • Visit and order your rocketry supplies from MDRA vendors here
      • New Maximum altitude limits: https://mdrocketry.org/higgs-max-alt-safe-distance/
      • SPECIAL NOTE: In order to comply with Tripoli Minimum safe distances, Red Glare will limit the max impulse class to “N”/Complex “M” motors.  

    Red Glare Lodging

    There is no camping allowed at the field

    The host hotel for Red Glare 2023 is the Holiday Inn Express, 8561 Ocean Gateway Rte 50, Easton, MD 21601.  410-819-6500.  Special rate is $139/night + taxes & fees.  Two night stay minimum.  Contact them and ask for Red Glare 2023 rate.  

    Early bird pricing for Red Glare launch fees has closed.  Price now  is $20 via our web store or at the field.

    Need a place to stay? Checkout other lodging alternatives here. 
    Important Notes  
    As always, all flight cards must contain valid and correct information, including dates, and such. All flight cards must be printed duplexed (front and back) and cut to proper size. RSO reserves the right to reject any flight card that does not conform to MDRA requirements. See you at the RSO table.
    Vendors Notice:
    Please contact us if you plan to do business at Red Glare: MDRA BoD