Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association (MDRA) is a diverse and inclusive group of rocketry enthusiasts that are comprised of many members from all walks of life, occupations, and experiences. Part of MDRA’s mission is to provide a venue to allow for witnessing and participation in the hobby of rocketry; to inspire thought, action, creativity and challenges for our members. MDRA is dedicated to making these experiences available and accessible to as many members of the community as possible with an emphasis on reaching and nurturing our children regardless of gender, race, religion, ability, age or socioeconomic status in the possibilities that exist through their interest in rocketry. This page documents these MDRA’s community experiences.

Launch into Summer Reading
June 5, 2019
Cecil County Library

MDRA Members Bob Utley, Kathy Gilliand, and Dave Weber joined kids of all ages to kick off summer reading to discuss all things Rocketry.
Many thanks to Bob, Kathy, and Dave for sharing their time to represent MDRA and further education around rocketry.