MDRA Members are encourage to support the rocketry vendors that support MDRA.

If you are a vendor that supports MDRA, please send us a link to your website, include something about what you sell, and if there are any deals or discounts for MDRA members by completing this contact form here.


Performance Hobbies

Competitive discounts without having to pay a club membership fee.

Lab Rat Rocketry

Supplying straightforward solutions for the “little things”, so you can get the most out of your time in the field. Focused on electronics and tracking bay support items, i.e. tracker sleds, recovery hardware, pull-pin switch kits, etc.  Also, offering custom 3D printing service.

Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses

All stitching / sewing is done with Kevlar thread……

I have everything you need to fly a rocket,,
The full line of Jolly Logic electronics,, the bestest coolest hardware in rocketry,
the full line of Loki Research, Top Flight Ultra X drogue chutes,, SCP products airfoiled rail guides,,

All because they are the absolute best…

Don’t forget to write “Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses”
on your flight cards so the LSO announces that you’re flying the very best…

Chris’s Supplies

CSR sells almost everything-Aerotech, Cessaroni, and Loki Research for motors. CSR also sell chemicals, and the major kit brands. Check them out.

Wildman Rocketry

Wildman Hobbies sells almost everything you could want for flying high power rocketry. We sell more Aerotech and CTi than any other dealer. We also manufacture our own line of fiberglass kits as well as carry PML and LOC. Some of the other lines we carry include Sky Angle, Top Flight, Additive Aerospace, Feather weight, Missile works, One Bad Hawk, West systems, Rocketpoxy, Recon recovery, and Aeropack

Composite Warehouse

Composite manufacturer who is dedicated to making a high-quality product. Selling Fiberglass rockets and components at a discount.

Rocketship Games specializes in small-field, youth & beginner, and niche rocketry.  Since launching in 2021 it has developed into a small but prominent manufacturer of 1/8A MicroMaxx rocket kits and accessories for both kids and adults, and expects to release LPR and MPR kits in 2023.  Alongside its own products, Rocketship Games also carries and will be bringing to Red Glare and select other MDRA launches this year a full range of LPR and MPR motors as well as a substantial and growing catalog of kits, supplies, and tools.