Here are some of the feature flights planned for Red Glare 21

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But first some successful flights from Red Glare 20

Joan & Tom Cohen’s Yellow Submarine



The Yellow Submarine sailing on a P 17500 Red Glare Red motor at Red Glare 20

Flight Video Here









John Sigmon’s Formula 200 on a Scotty Brewed Sparky N3000 motor





See more featured successful flights here on MDRA You Tube Page


Red Glare 21 Featured Flights

Dan Michael’s 3/4 Scale Patriot

This will be the 14th flight of Dan’s 3/4 Scale Patriot.  Liftoff weight will be 225 lbs and will be powered by Aerotechs newly certified O5280X Propellant X motor.  Expected altitude is about 4,000′ 


See Dan’s Red Glare 20 flight here







Curtis Heisey’s 4″ Upscale Deuces Wild!

This Deuce has 2×38 mm MMT with 3d printed bulkheads (nylon with fiberglass). It has flown a number of times in New England. Electronics are Quantum and Proton. Onboard video







Curtis Heisey’s 7.5″ Upscale Deuces Wild!

Upscale Deuces Wild 7.5 on 2xK530 smokey sam and 2xH90 air start.
Onboard video
Proton, Qunatum and Marsa33, the latter controlling the air starts.
This rocket has flown three times, but the airstarts are a new addition.







Aaron Miles SS-25 ICBM

Aaron is returning this year with his SS-25 carrying 2 Perfectflite strattologgers.  Missile statistics:   Max diameter = 8”; Length = 8’2”; Launch weight = 58 lbs (w/ Aerotech M1297W).







Bob Utley’s Higgs Farm Square


Bob’s mini square Higgs will join a few others of different sizes to fly side by side.

If you’ve got one bring it out! Click







Scott Boeckelmann and his Philly Flyer


The return of the Philly Flyer!!! After a little break it’s time to fly again. The plan is to fly on Saturday, April 4th 2020 around 1:00pm. The projected altitude is 5,300 feet flying on one CTI M1401 White motor. Electronics are 2 RRC2 altimeters. Primary separation at apogee with the back up 10 seconds later. Main chute deployment at 800 feet and back up at 700 feet. This will be the Philly Flyer’s 4th flight. The rocket is a 7.5 inch upscale of the LOC Precision HyperLOC.






The Kaboom Krewe and Marvin’s Space Oddity Take Two


Marvin must return to Mars to retrieve another Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator and members of SLRA and MDRA are assisting him.

With the addition of the new anti-wasp system, we anticipate Marvin will reach the required altitude to engage the FTS Drive to return him home.





Marvin’s Rocket Specifications:
Diameter: 4′
Height: 10′
Fin/Wing Span: 6′
Motor: Powered by a 6″ O-7450  research “Sparky”  Thanks to our wonderful friends at MDRA this will truly be a sight to see
Weight: 500lbs
Projected Altitude: Mars (but it may fall short)


John Sigmon’s Paranoid Android


Second flight of the Paranoid Android, this time on a Loki M3464.  Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses, Altus Metrum EasyMini for primary deployment, MissileWorks RRC3 for backup. Rocketman 3′ drogue and 18′ main.






John Sigmon’s Formula 200


Eighth flight of the Madcow Formula 200, this time on a Loki M2550. Onebadhawk Recovery Harnesses, Altus Metrum EasyMini for primary deployment, MissileWorks RRC3 for backup. 15′ military surplus silk chute for main, Rocketman 3′ drogue






Kenneth Derstine and his Frenzy Massive


This will be the third flight of this rocket. All have been at Red Glare on M-1297W Aerotech reloads. This Frenzy weighs in at 47lbs when ready for flight. I will be using the Missile Works RRC3 as my main altimeter deploying a 10 ft. fruity chute at 1000 ft. My backup will be a Missile Works RRC2+ With a deployment at 800 ft. Expected altitude is 5800 ft.   I hope to launch on Friday






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