Here are the featured flights planned for Red Glare 2023.

As put so perfectly by Neil McGilvray, “This is why you fly MDRA!”  The members, the projects they build & fly and the camaraderie we share make MDRA what it is!

Please complete the Special Projects Request form if you wish to have a featured flight.

Dan Michael and Dave Weber are conspiring to launch the Nike Smoke Drag Race for a third time.  If you attended the MDRA Feb 2022 launch, then you probably saw the first of their Drag Races…it was quite a sight to behold!
Both are 8″ diameter Performance Rocketry birds which will boost on Aerotech M1939 motors started by Dan’s signature thermite initiators. This where the similarity ends…
Dan’s Nike Smoke is 10ft tall, weighs 80# on the pad, uses 2 Perfectflite MAWD altimeters, deploys a Rocketman 2ft ballistic drogue at apogee with the sustainer on a Sherachute 16ft main deployed 700ft and a backup charge at 500ft, nosecone descending separately on a Sperachute 6ft parachute, expected apogee is 6,400ft.
Dave’s Nike Smoke is 11-1/2ft tall, weighs 92# on the pad, uses 3 Missleworks RRC2+ altimeters, also deploys a Rocketman 2ft ballistic drogue at apogee with a SkyAngle Cert-3 XXL deployed at 800ft by all 3 charges firing simultaneously, expected apogee is 4,800ft.
Don’t miss the show, should be another outstanding Launch! 

Tom Cohen has two BIG scratch built rockets to fly.  Great Balls Of Fire and Queen Elizabeth, both 12″ diameter, over 16ft tall and weighing in at 150lbs each.   Low and slow flights with BIG chutes.   Both will be flying on M3000+ motors made by Scott S. 

Joseph Shephard has a MEGA upscale of an Estes Big Daddy flying on a Aerotech M2400T.   The rocket is 95 inches tall, 13 inches in diameter and weighs 90.7lbs.  Recovery is managed by two stratologger altimeters and a 28ft chute.

John Stern  will be flying his scratch built Seraphim for the fifth time.  It’s 14 feet tall and weighs in at 38 lbs.  It will be flying on an Aerotech  L1365 Metalstorm to ~6000ft.  Recovery will be under a Rocketman 16ft chute.  Electronics: Perfectflite Stratologger CF primary with drogue at apogee and main at 800.   Featherweight Raven3 for backup and an Eggfinder GPS transmitter.

Kevin McGee will be attempting his Level 3 certification flight using a Composite Warehouse Formula 150.  It’s six inches in diameter, eight feet tall, and weighs in at 50lbs.   He will be flying it on a CTI M1230 IMAX to an expected altitude of 6,800ft.  Electronics include Dual Eggtimer Quantums, and a Featherweight GPS Tracker

Dan Michael will be flying his 1/2 Scale Patriot on an Aerotech M1315 White Lightning (Nothing burns like a White Lightning!)  Expected altitude is 6,500ft.   Deployment is controlled by two Perfectflite MAWD Altimeters.  There is  2′ drogue at apogee 16′ main at 700′, backup at 500′

Micah Hanson is planning a high altitude flight to 10,000ft with his scratch built Wraith.  It’s only 2.6″ in diameter and weighs in at 10.4lbs.  He will be flying it on an Aerotech K375NW, which is a long burn (5.8s) Warp 9/White Lightning combo.    Tracking and deployment via Eggfinder products: Mini GPS TX and redundant Quantums.

Kenneth Derstine will be flying his Madcow Frenzy Massive on an Aero-tech RMS-M-1297W to ~6,500ft.    Recovery is controlled by two Missile Works altimeters.  Drouge at apogee. Parachute deployment bag for a 10 ft. Fruity Chute at 900 ft. Will have a back-up charge at 800 ft. Nose cone will be on a 36″ chute.

Aleks Krachanko will be flying his LOC Skinwalker Whale Edition.   It weighs in at 40lbs and stands 11 feet tall.  He will be flying it on an Aerotech L2200 Mojave Green, which will really kick this whale off the pad!  Estimated altitude is ~5000ft.  Electronics: Altus Metrum EasyMini primary with Missileworks RRC2 backup, setup to deploy main parachute at 800 feet. A Runcam will be riding on the outside capturing down-facing flight footage. The rocket has a radio tracker.


Justin Gleiter will be flying his Rocketry Warehouse Concept 125 on an EX M2300.  This motor is a Brilliant Blue variant. 3,000 grams of 81% solids propellant with 0.25% Iron Oxide, 5% Aluminum and tri-modal AP. Expected altitude is 11,350ft.   Electronics: Featherweight GPS & Raven 4 altimeter, Perfectflite SL100 backup.

Andrew Bean will be flying his scratch built “Karkinos” – 155″ tall and 6″ diameter.  Propulsion is via an EX N2500, 98mm 6 grain Modified Purple Nebula to ~10.400ft.  Deployment is controlled by two Easy minis as primary deployment, 1 easy mini for nosecone deployment. Also: Featherweight GPS, Custom Avionics for backup tracking, Custom Airbrake Module to reach a specific altitude for the spaceport America cup. 

Jeff Miller has his 10.5ft tall, Madcow 8 inch diameter DX3 on either an AT M1350-W to 3500ft or a CTI M1830-CS Est to 4250ft.  Electronics: Missileworks RCC-2L Eggtimer Quark w/telemetry module. Eggfinder Mini-GPS transmitter.  Red/White/Blue 10 foot Fruity Chute main.

Gary will be flying his scratch built Painkiller 6 on an Aerotech M4500ST to 7800ft.

Nathan Tocus is planning the sixth flight of his Madcow Cowabunga Mammoth with an Aerotech M1850W to about 4000ft.  Electronics: Redundant dual deploy with one Missileworks RRC3 and one Missileworks RRC2+.  4 foot Rocketman drogue at apogee, 10 foot FruityChutes Iris Ultra Main at 700 feet.

Joe Pallitta has a scratch built 1/24th scale Falcon 9 flying on an Aerotech L900 Dark Matter to ~ 4200ft.   It s 9ft tall, 6″ diameter and weights in at 41lbs.  

Don Vetter has several flights planned.  Two flights with a Wildman Drago 4XL on a EX K644-P Red Neck Red motor to 5000ft and an AeroTech L1090 to ~9000ft.  He also has a Wildman Ultimate with an Aerotech M1315 and expecting 9000ft.  Both rockets are redundant dual deploy with RRC3s and FeatherWeight GPS tracking.

Andrew Steele has his scratch built Thunderkiss 75 flying on an Aerotech L900DM to 9000ft.  Electronics: Missileworks RRC3, Strattologger CF, Eggfinder mini.  It’s the 5th flight of the rocket.


What could be next ?????