Here are the featured flights planned for Red Glare 2022!

As put so perfectly by Neil McGilvray, “This is why you fly MDRA!”  The members, the projects they build & fly and the camaraderie we share make MDRA what it is!

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Bob Utley and his Deuces Wild

Bob’s Deuces Wild weighs in at 580#.  She’s 20′ tall, 18″ in diameter and hand crafted by Tom Cohen.  With a classic Yellow & Blue paint job applied by Joan Cohen she’s a real eye turner.   Recovery electronics built and installed by Bob Utley. 

This will be the encore flight to last years Red Glare 2021 flight.  Taking flight on 2 Scotty Brewed O-7000 Sparky Motors again we hope it looks and feels even better the second time around!



Dan Michaels 3/4 Patriot

12″ Diameter & 15′-9″ Tall

225# on the Pad
2 Perfectflite MAWD Altimeters + 28′ Main
1 Aerotech N2000 + 4 Aerotech L1000 
15th Flight

John Stern’s Seraphim

This is Johns level 3 attempt flying on an Aerotech M1297W.  Scratch built from Blue tube and fiberglass parts, the rocket will be flying to about 6,000′.  Recovery via OneBadHawk harnesses and a 16′ Rocketman main.


Good Luck John!




Gary Tortora’s THOR


Gary’s 6″ scratch built THOR will be flying on an Aerotech M1939W motor to about 11,400′.  Electronics on board will be redundant RRC2-L altimeters.  Main recover is a 18′ Rocketman chute.

THOR was built in 2009 and this will be it’s 5th M motor flight.




Joe’s Full Scale AMRAAM Level 3 Attempt.

Joe’s putting up this 7.5″, 155″ scratch built AMRAAM for his level 3 certification Flight.  The rocket will weight 79# on the pad and be pushed to about 7,200′ using an Aerotech M1939 motor.  Electronics include 2 altimeters, 2 onboard video cameras and a GPS tracker.

Good Luck Joe!





Gary Tortora’s Mad Dog 6

Built in 2008 this was the first Mad Dog on the block.  Flying on an Aerotech M2100G ( Love those Mojave Greens!) to just over 9,000′.   53# on the pad and recovering with dual RRC2-L altimeters and a 18′ Rocketman Chute.




John Banks’s Prometheus

John’s 6″ Prometheus will be flying to 6,000′ on an Aerotech M1550R.  A Cert 3XL chute will be deployed by redundant Missile Works RRC2-L Altimeters at 900′.    





Kenneth Derstine and his Frenzy Massive

This will be the third flight of this rocket. All have been at Red Glare on M-1297W Aerotech reloads. This Frenzy weighs in at 47lbs when ready for flight. I will be using the Missile Works RRC3 as my main altimeter deploying a 10 ft. fruity chute at 1000 ft. My backup will be a Missile Works RRC2+ With a deployment at 800 ft. Expected altitude is 5800 ft.   I hope to launch on Friday





Alexander Bruccoleri – DX3

This rocket is Alexanders comeback into high-power rocketry. He flew a lot in the 90s and early 2000s, then stopped for college, grad school, work, marriage, kids and now his wife oddly enough thinks it’s okay…well maybe. It has flown twice, once on a K1999 for a shake-out flight and once on an M1297 for his level 3. The planned flight on a full M should be exciting and send it close to Mach 1.

Electronics include a Marsa 33LHD and an Altus Metrum EasyMega.

Welcome Back!




Nathan Tocus’s Frenzy XXL Scratch

This will be the 4th flight of this 8″ diameter, 14′ tall, 75# rocket.  Boosting to 4,000′ on a CTI M1400 classic.  Recovery via Missile Works altimeters and returning to Higgs Farm on a 10′ Iris Ultra chute from Fruity Chutes.




Eric Peltzer’s 8″ AGM-33 Pike

Eric’s AGM-33 Pike will be flying on an Aerotech N2220DM to 6,000′.  This will be the fourth flight of this rocket, the first on an N motor.  Rocovery will be via a Cert 3 XXL parachute at 1,000′.


Gary Tortora’s PAINKILLER


The Facts:

6 ” Scratch PAINKILLER
Redundant Missile Works RR2C-L
Pad Weight Approx 60lbs
Motor is an AT M1939W
Altitude 12,000′ Weather Permitting
Recovery is a 2′ Drogue and an 18′ Main                
Main @ 1000 Back up at 900′     
Height 10.3′



Jeff Miller’s Paint It Black

Paint It Black is an 8″ diameter, 10.5′ tall MadCow DX-3 weighing in at 65#.  Jeff’s looking for 3,400′ feet from the Aerotech M1350 she’ll be flying.  Dual deploy with redundant altimeters, 2 cameras and a tracker round out the payload.





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