Here are some of the feature flights planned for Red Glare

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Joan & Tom Cohen’s Yellow Submarine

This 600# vessel is crafted from 36″ fiber glassed sonotube and is 18′ long.  The fins (rudder?) are fiberglassed 2″ thick foam and are slide in bolted on thru the wall for added structural capacity.  The Yellow Submarine will recover on a custom oversized Rocketman chute and deployment will be controlled by 3 onboard Missleworks RRC3 altimeters.  The custom nosecone is a Python original.  The Submarine will be powered by a high thrust short burn 6″ O-12000 motor with 30,000 Ns of total impulse.
Joan & Tom are staying true to Cohen style with this low and slow flight to about 1,000′


Dennis Kingsley’s  BourbonRoc

BourbonROC, is based on an old Bourbon bottle from the late 1800 that I found many years ago. The air frame is 24 inch diameter sonotube and about 9 ft in length, the tube fins are actual 5 gallon bourbon barrels.  BourbonROC is designed to fly with a cluster made up of a central 98mm motor and four 75mm motors. This will be the first flight of BourbonROC and it will be flown on an EX motor (N 3800) and should fly about 2000 ft.






Dan Michael’s 3/4 Scale Patriot Missile

This will be the 11th flight of my 3/4 Patriot. This flight will utilize my 1st booster section (central 98mm & 4 – 54mm) which was used to fly this rocket the 1st and 2nd times.This flight will be on a central N2000 & 4L1000 White Lightning motors.  Dan’s expecting a 6,700′ flight recovering with 2 Perfectflite Altimeters and a 28′ main.
 The 2nd booster section (central 98mm & 4 – 75mm) has not been totally rebuilt yet.  The disassembly flight can be seen here:  1, 2, 3, 4





Dave Alewine’s 10″ Patriot

Dave will be flying his Patriot on a central Aerotech M1850 & 2 CTI J330.  Dave’s expecting 5,200′ of altitude and will be bringing this missile down with a XXL Sky Angle chute.  Dual deploy recovery will be controlled  with 2 Perfectflite altimeters with the main being deployed at 700′.







John Sigmon’s Formula 200

John will be flying his Formula 200 on an 11,000Ns N2100 Red Neck Red motor.  Electronics include 2 Missileworks altimeters and a Big Red Bee BRB900.  Previous flight in this configuration at LDRS 36 went to 8600′. Drogue deployed at apogee, main deployed at 1000′. Recovered in perfect condition.




Nathan Tocus’s FrenzyXXL

This will be only the second flight of my Frenzy XXL which was used for my L3 certification flight several months ago.  This scratch built rocket is a 2X upscale of a Madcow Frenzy XL.  It is 8″ diameter, 13′ 6″ ft tall, and weighs 75 lb on the pad.  This flight will be on a CTI 6 grain 75mm M1770 Skidmark and is expected to go about 3600 ft.  Recovery is dual deploy with a 36″ drogue at apogee and a 10 ft FruityChutes Iris Ultra main chute at 700 ft.







Dave Greger’s Thunderstruck

Scratchbuilt to the tune of AC/DC, Thunderstruck is an all fiberglass 6″ diameter rocket with a 98mm motor mount. This will be its 3rd Flight, flying on either an M1675 Pink or M1400 Classic to around 6400ft.
Dual Missileworks Altimeters deploying a Skyangle Drogue at apogee and Skyangle Cert 3XL at 800ft.









Ken Derstine’s Frenzy Massive

This will be Ken’s Level 3 certification attempt.  He will be flying his122″ long, 5.5” diameter Madcow Frenzy Massive on an Aerotech M1297 motor. Lift off weight will be 43 lbs with an expected altitude of 6400′.  He’ll be using two Missile Works altimeters with a drouge at apogee and 10′ Spherachute main at 8OO’.

Good Luck Ken!









Scott’s 3/4 Scale Nike Smoke

Looking to put the Nike Smoke up on a N2600 Sparky motor. Expecting 4,500′ altitude. Recovery Via a Marsa 54 and Adept 22.








Bill Davidson’s Black Brant X

After two successful flights on the Black Brant Vb built for LDRS last year (M2000 Redline & N2000W)I wanted to build a larger Brant for N & O power. This flight of the Black Brant X at RedGlare will be utilizing and Aerotech N3300 Redline motor with expected altitude of around 7500′ AGL. Electronics include 2x Missile Works RRC2+ Altimeters deploying drogue at apogee and then main at 800′ AGL






Bill Davidson’s Giant Flying Pumpkin

Intrigued by the Rocketry Warehouse Flying Pumpkin kit that I had built 2 years ago, I wanted to build a unique upscale of that same design. Plans were to fly at the MDRA launch in October for obvious reasons but as many know life gets in the way so the next best time is Red Glare! Flying on an Aerotech M1500 Mojave Green to complete the Pumpkin package.



Nate Lowrie’s No More Mr. Nice Guy

This 10″ diameter Polecat stretched V2 will be flying on an Aerotech M1419 to about 5,500′.  42″ Drogue at apogee with a 16′ main at 1,000′ controlled with and eggtimer and a stratologger.  Awesome looking rocket!







Nate Lowrie’s    You Naughty Monsters

Nate’s flying his Polecat 10″ Goblin on a KBA K1750 load to 3,000′.  He’ll be using a tender descender to get dual recovery from a single deploy rocket.  recovery controlled by an Eggtimes and a Stratologger.   I hope he didn’t use Neil’s how to video on using a Tender Descender to prep this naughty monster!







Nate Lowrie’s    Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall

Nate’s third featured flight is the Rocketry Warehouse Formula 200.  He’s putting this up on a Loki L1482 to an altitude of 2500′.  Single Compartment Dual Deploy using an ARRD. When main comes out, nosecone separates from rocket and comes down under 42in chute.  This is Nate’s level 3 rocket.







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