Here are the featured flights planned for Red Glare 2021!

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Curtis Heisey’s 7.5″ Upscale Deuces Wild!

Upscale Deuces Wild 7.5 on 2xK530 smokey sam and 2xH90 air start.
Onboard video
Proton, Quantum and Marsa33, the latter controlling the air starts.
This rocket has flown three times, but the airstarts are a new addition.






Kenneth Derstine and his Frenzy Massive

This will be the third flight of this rocket. All have been at Red Glare on M-1297W Aerotech reloads. This Frenzy weighs in at 47lbs when ready for flight. I will be using the Missile Works RRC3 as my main altimeter deploying a 10 ft. fruity chute at 1000 ft. My backup will be a Missile Works RRC2+ With a deployment at 800 ft. Expected altitude is 5800 ft.   I hope to launch on Friday





Dave Alewine’s Patriot Missile

Dave will be flying his 91 pound Patriot on a Red Neck Red Research N2100 98mm motor.  Expected altitude is 7,000′.  A couple Stratologgers and a CERT 3 XXL chute will bring this bird down.



Dan Michael’s 3/4 Scale Patriot

This will be the 14th flight of Dan’s 3/4 Scale Patriot.  Liftoff weight will be 225 lbs and will be powered by Aerotech’s newly certified O5280X Propellant X motor.  Expected altitude is about 4,000′ 


See Dan’s Red Glare 20 flight here






Armageddon – Dan Michael’s 


Dan will be flying this 5.5″, 70 pound scratch built bird on an Aerotech M1859 White Lightning motor to 5,500′.  Dual PerfectFlight altimeters and a 14′ chute will bring her down.







John Sigmon and his Paranoid Android 


Flying on a Loki M3464, John should reach 5,200′.  Recovery by AltusMetrum EasyMini backed up by a MisslileWorks RRC3.  Tracking via a BRB900 GPS.







Rick Comshaws Wildthang 


Rick’s flying his Wildman WindThang on a AMW K-1000 Skidmark.  He’s looking for 4,000′.  Recovering with a Perfectflight Stratologger CF. 

Rick’s looking for any takers in a K-1000 drag race.







Fred Taverni’s American Karma 


Fred’s American Karma is a 15′ – 8″ tall 21 pound four stage rocket.  Motor configuration is J1299 to a I357 to a I218 to a I180 pushing the final sustainer to 7,000′  Electronic configuration is Raven 4 to Eggtimer Proton to Telemega.  Staging electronics are configured to determine vehicle verticality and will only ignite one motor if in a safe orientation.

This will be a flight to see!







Gary’s THOR 6


Gary’s looking to go to 11k’ on an Aerotech M1939W.  Redundant Missile Works RRC2L and a Marco Polo Tracker will be onboard for the flight.









Johnny Barritta and the Fish monster 


An 8″ 7′ tall 48 pound Composite Warehouse kit flying on a L-875 DM.  Keeping it low and slow to 2,500′.  








What could be next ?????