Here are some of the feature flights planned for Red Glare 20

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But first some successful flights from Red Glare 19

Joan & Tom Cohen’s Yellow Submarine

Last Years flight on the 6″ O-12000 motor to 850′.  See the flight Video HERE.









Dennis Kingsley’s  BourbonRoc

BourbonROC, is based on an old Bourbon bottle from the late 1800 that I found many years ago. The air frame is 24 inch diameter sonotube and about 9 ft in length, the tube fins are actual 5 gallon bourbon barrels.  BourbonROC is designed to fly with a cluster made up of a central 98mm motor and four 75mm motors. This will be the first flight of BourbonROC and it will be flown on an EX motor (N 3800) and should fly about 2000 ft.

Successful flight shown HERE





Scott’s 3/4 Scale Nike Smoke

Successful flight of the Nike Smoke on a N2600 Sparky motor to 4,600′. Recovery Via a Marsa 54 and Adept 22.







See many other flights from Red Glare 19 HERE

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