DELMARVA is known for its rural farms and waterfront communities where locally sourced produce, poultry, and fresh seafood abound. Make sure to sample the very best of Maryland’s seafood which includes Rockfish, hard and soft shell crabs, crab cakes, and oysters on the half shell. If you are lucky, one might be able to order Smith Island 7-layer cake for desert. Modern civilization has crept its way into DELMARVA and dotted the landscape with the common corporate food chain style restaurants. For those adventurers looking to immerse themselves into the local cuisine, here is a list of some local favorites that offer dining options that span a wide range of palates and include the bounties of the Chesapeake Bay and its area:
Out of the Fire
T at the General Store
Bartlett Pear Inn
Peacock Restaurant & Lounge
Scossa Restaurant
Doc’s Downtown
Hunter’s Tavern
Portofino Ristorante
Banning’s Tavern
Victory Garden Cafe
Osteria Alfredo
Washington Street Pub
The Barn
There are many more fine dining establishments in Easton and its surrounding area that should satisfy anyone’s
palate and wallet.
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