Next Launch is ESL 285 on October 8-9, 2022

Under no circumstances should anyone ever trespass on any flying field outside of an active launch event. Never trespass on any surrounding field ever. If a rocket lands off the flying field, MDRA will try to seek proper permission whenever possible to retrieve rockets. Violators will be prosecuted by local authorities and can face expulsion from MDRA.

Please do not arrive at the Sod Farm prior to 11:30 AM on Saturdays as the Sod Farm is still conducting business.

The waiver will be adjusted as necessary depending on field conditions and wind direction

Central Sod Farms Inc
920 John Brown Road
Centreville MD 21617

Saturday from 12:00 Noon to 05:00 PM approximate *
Sunday from 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM approximate *
The sod farm is a working farm until 12:00 Noon. Members are reminded that the launch does not start until noon on Saturdays. Setup usually starts around 11:30 AM. Any assistance with field setup and tear down is always appreciated. There is not much shade at the sod farm and members are encouraged to bring their own shade, sunscreen, and plenty of liquids. Spectators are welcome but do so at their own risk.

The newly renovated Holiday Inn Express in Easton, MD is offering MDRA members discounts. Call them at 410 819-6500 and request the MDRA rate of $189.00 or book your stay here. Call for June 2022 (ESL 281) as there are very limited room availability

There is no trespassing on any fields, including the launch field when a launch is not in progress without explicit permission from MDRA BoD. Trespassers can face prosecution. Please reach out to the MDRA BoD so we can work with the proper landowners if rocket recovery is necessary outside an ESL window.

Please contact MDRA BoD prior to planning any large flights from the away cell (L motors or above)
Please print out the pre-printed flight cards to minimize activity at registration and RSO  tables. The pre-printed flight cards are also available under “flyers Info” menu item.
Please bring your MDRA membership card to the launch for verification
Please bring your TRA/NAR card if flying level 1 or above flights
No RC aircraft or drones allowed
Please maintain 10 mph down the driveway and be extra careful of children playing
Please be aware of children and adults retrieving rockets
Park ONLY in designated parking areas
No driving on any field under any circumstances
Do not wander off the property without getting permission from MDRA BoD
No Camping
Take your trash with you
Be safe
Ask questions
Have fun!

Announcements for this launch:
Follow MDRA on twitter @mdrocktry or monitor MDRA live tweets for the latest launch news
There will be no food vendor onsite, please plan accordingly
Checkout MDRA lost and found and claim what is yours
Take advantage of MDRA pre-printed flight cards
Waiver is 6k and will be adjusted according to wind direction and weather conditions
Check out Performance Hobbies schedule and pre-order everything you need for delivery at the field.
Please reach out to the BoD with any questions

* Launch times are approximate due to weather, field conditions, flyers, and airspace. Please monitor this web page or MDRA twitter feed for all the latest news