Safety Reminders:

  • No Smoking within 25ft of any rocket motors and/or black powder charges.
  • When at the launch pad, ALWAYS turn on your electronics BEFORE inserting the igniter.
  • DO NOT perform continuity checks of live deployment charges in the pit area.  
  • No more than 3 people per rocket at the pads.  Exception for large away cell rockets.
  • Only adults 18 & over and and Junior L1 flyers WITH their mentor allowed at HPR pads.
  • A parents or guardian needs to accompany small children flying model rockets.


Procedures for checking dual deploy setup:

1.) Check the continuity of the E-match (by itself with no black powder) with a digital volt meter or the rocket deployment electronics.  

2.) Once satisfied with the results, make sure all recovery electronics are powered off or DISARMED if WiFi enabled (Ex Eggtimer products).   From this point on do not power-up your recovery electronics until at the launch pad.

3.) Secure and prep your black powder charges. Once again, do not power-up recovery electronics for any reason until at the launch pad.

4.) After final rocket preparation, RSO review, and arrival at the launch pad,  load rocket TO VERTICAL and turn on the rockets recovery electronics.  Once continuity is confirmed, install igniter(s) and have a safe launch.