Maximum Allowed Altitude at MDRA Higgs Farm Site
Updated on December 2, 2023
Original Published on March 14, 2023

The max allowed altitude is determined by two independent factors, the FAA Waiver and FAR 101.25(g).  Whichever is lower is the governing altitude.

The FAA Waiver altitude is set by the proximity to nearby airfields and air traffic corridors, etc.  In addition, ground launch operation restrictions are determined by proximity to the nearest habitable dwelling not associated with launch operations.

The MDRA FAA Waiver is granted at 16,900ft above ground level.

However, due to the distance measured from launch pads to the nearest habitable dwelling (that is not associated with flight operations), MDRA must limit flights to those listed in the table below.

Flights above 6,000ft dual deploy, 4,000ft, single deploy and all School/University flights will require BoD approval and Sim data.  To get approval, please fill out the Special Projects Form: