So you are thinking about getting your high-power certification? This is the place to start. There are 3 levels of Certifications. Level 1 allows a flyer to fly “H – I” impulse class motors, as well as sparky, and F & G motors with an average thrust greater than 80Ns.   Level 2 allows a flyer to “J – L” impulse class motors, and Level 3 allows a flyer to fly “M and Above” impulse class motors. No certification is required to fly most “G” or lower impulse motors.

MDRA does not provide certification but it does support certification through the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) or Tripoli Rocketry Associations, Inc.

Please understand the requirements of NAR/Tripoli BEFORE filling out the form below.

For NAR Certification requirements click here 

For Tripoli Certification requirements click here

L2 Attempts: Although not required, there is an expectation that a flyer will gain experience with additional Level 1 flights prior to attempting Level 2 certification.  Experience level is at the discretion of the certifying official. Please work with your certifying official to map out a plan prior to your L2 attempt. 

If you need to take the L2 written test for NAR or TRA: please be ready and available on the date you request as follows: Higgs Farm field between 9:30AM-12:00PM.  Central Sod Farm: Saturday 12:30-2:30PM; Sunday 9:30AM-12PM

For any certification, please print out the NAR/TRA certification forms and bring them with you to the field along with your NAR/TRA membership card.

MDRA will facilitate NAR or Tripoli Certifications and usually have members onsite at launches to assist in high-power certifications on behalf of NAR or Tripoli.  If you want to certify, please complete the following questionnaire prior to attending the MDRA launch.   The data from the form will assist MDRA with ensuring that certification resources are available and to help you increase your chance of a successful flight.